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Our philosophy in brief

Our main guidelines are: Independence, security, ease of use, flexibility, cost effectiveness, stability, reliability, evolution, diversity, ITIL based IT.


Independence: Any company and/or single self employed person must have full control of its IT. Domain name, Administrative access, digital presence, social network access, etc. Be independent of any IT support service provider. Be able to change from supplier with no or a minimum impact on the business. Establishing a white book with all IT information, a bible that allow any IT professional to provide efficient support is a must be. IT managed by professional but ruled by the client.


Security: probably the most important parameter in IT. IT grows exponentially in all sectors and so do the IT criminality. Annual loss due to IT attacks is accounted in hundreds of millions. The 0 risk doesn't exist. To find a good balance between an efficient security and the comfort of the user is a challenge. In addition to the anti piracy hw and sw we encourage companies to train their user on regularly bases on the good and prudent attitude to adopt when using IT. This good attitude should also be adopted with the private IT device.


Ease of use, flexibility, cost effectiveness: IT solutions need to be adapted to the needs of the business, the resources available, the IT experience and skills of the users. Good, efficient, intuitive, reliable tools for the users to help them achieve their tasks and duties. An easy accessible but secured IT network. Documented procedure for the use of the IT resources as well as basic support.


Reliability, Evolution: The IT solutions and devices choose to run a business need to be reliable in the use but also in time. The technology is evolving faster and faster. The catalogue of software solutions is growing every day. But the IT of a company need to stay profitable, the budget controlled. Suppliers with an established reputation and reliable long term presence on the market are preferred. Quality has a price but it often appear to be costless in the long term.


Diversity: We take in consideration solutions from new suppliers as well as the ones from the major. We keep us posted of the last technologies and software, gathering detailed info or testing the one we find interesting and reliable.


ITIL Based: ITIL is a library of IT good practices widely used by IT support suppliers. ITIL certifications are proof of quality service. These practices have been created (and evolved) for rather large IT structure, so we keep the ITIL general idea in mind when auditing and recommending IT solutions, but we adapt it to client business size and specificity for efficiency.


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