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Where we come from, what we have achieved, where we go.

The roots are common with the hatching of personal computers. Impressed by these new technologies that are about to change the world. A vivd interest in the how it works and a constant following of the evolution of what is now called Information Technology. A costly and complicated gadget at this time. Now, an essential, mandatory, vital actor of modern businesses and personal life.


From helping friends and familly in this matter, to the installation and management of the familly business IT for several years. This experience leads to IT engineer in a multinational IT services company from 1999 to 2008. Including several long lasting mission in important companies ie: mobistar, elia, fabricom, toyota europe...


TeamIT is a collaborative structure created in 2006 to regroup and optimize IT expert with complementary skills. For nearly 10 years we have provided IT support and services to small and medium enterprises as well as self employed people. Developping a range of product that has evolved along the years in accordance with the skills amoung our team of collaborators.


We have gathered a very important and vast experience in all the IT area used by small and medium enterprises. Businesses that need versatility, flexibility, custom made solutions at affordable cost.


IT is growing and progressing faster every day, we, also, are "growing up" and we feel that it is time for a change.


We have come to the conclusion that our experience and expertise would be good assets for helping companies to make the good choices in matter of IT.


Therefore we have decided to go in this direction from now on.


Our process explained here.



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