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Un nouveau type de collaboration

Quels services nous proposons

Un aperçu.


Companies of small and medium size faced quite often problems when they wish to establish or change their IT support supplier. In the worst case this can lead to a total blocking of the business and severe unplanned costs. Manager and/or business owner fell often taken in hostage by their IT support supplier. There's unfortunatly no legal policy or deontology in the IT sector. There can be a lack of knowledge from both side, misunderstanding, and so on. Frustration on both side. This lead to bad decision with damages for everybody.


IT support is a very important and powerfull position in a business. It is also an heavy responsability.


The main service we propose is to be the "middle person". A transparent monitoring/consulting taking consideration of the common established IT rules and the needs of the client, with the purpose of independancy for the client and a clear and complete IT situation for the IT support supplier.


We have no bounds to any IT suppliers we work with total transparency, open book.


As it is commonly said: "better safe than sorry".


This role includes among others, the following services:


For new businesses or roll-out: Determining the needs, proposing different solutions with detailled advantage and disadvantage. Establishing scenarios for all aspect of the IT (ponctual and reccurent), Foreseen the development of the IT in accordance with different level of financial results. Managing the budget, Analysing the more suitable suppliers, Establishing the planning for installation, Quality control during project, follow-up, white-paper (reports), working procedure ...

Determining the opportunity of hiring of a local IT tech if more suitable than a service support from a company. Managing the recruitment in this case.


We have determined an IT philosophy ruling our work, you can read it here.



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